How to decorate a room with balloons without helium

If we’re looking to make a room look more attractive, balloons will be the initial thing that come to mind. In this article, we’ll try to provide a detailed explanation of the best ways to decorate a room with balloons, without Helium.You can choose different colors of balloons for decoration, such as orange balloons that are perfect for decorating both the room and the party space.

There is no need to inflate the balloons using Helium to make the room look more festive. It is possible to do the same well without the need for it, and it also comes out at a much lower cost. Wall designs are created using regular balloons and are often used to create arches and flower arrangements. It is also possible to create a festive Christmas tree or air toy for your child’s birthday party.

When you are planning to decorate your space with balloons that do not contain the use of helium, you should to sketch out a plan of the arrangement on paper. It can help you calculate the required amount and also think about the place as well as the method of attaching and other aspects to make your holiday unique.

Balloons with no helium offer a variety of advantages. Decorating balloons is simple and enjoyable and the results are some of the most unique:

  • It’s affordable. Decorating regular balloons is less expensive when compared to decorating using helium however, if you approach the procedure with a lot of care the final result will look better and unique as compared to decorating with helium balloons.
  • This is an interesting process. Apart from a stunning result, we can also experience an idea of the “process.” Adults and children alike are able to participate in decorating process, which is certain to bring families or friends together.
  • It’s quick. This is the most significant if you’ve not prepared for the holidays in advance and, if you’ve got an “hand pump” or “compressor” available decorating your room with balloons that are helium-free won’t take more than an hour your time.

Picking a shade to your balloon decorations

The first thing to decide before you begin designing is the colour of your balloons. It is easiest for you to figure out whether the Birthday boy is a particular color. If so, you can put any other possibilities aside and begin decorating the space “in the colors you love,” however, if there’s no one that has a favorite color it is possible to learn many useful details regarding color choices in the next paragraph.


Everybody knows that pink is a symbol of the romantic and loving, which is precisely the kind of girl that women of every age want. So if you’re planning to surprise someone by creating a space with balloons for your favourite daughter or niece, pink is the ideal choice.

Gold Color

Gold symbolizes the beauty and wealth. It is a great match for almost any preferences and can be considered as universal. It will be a great fit for anyone who is focused.

It is perfect for pairing with silver and white colors.


The white color represents innocence, purity and pureness. Ideal for decorating the holidays for your loved ones or relatives.

Multicolored balloons

A balloon with multiple colors would be perfect for room decoration for teens and children.


The color yellow perfectly symbolizes happiness. This color is perfect for children and adults alike.


Blue represents the colour that represents commitment and sky, which is the symbol of consistency and love. If you’re trying to show someone that you are devoted to your goal and intentions, then this is the colour you should choose!

Heliumfree balloon decorations

The idea of decorating with balloons on the ceiling, without Helium is possible

There is a belief that the balloons beneath the ceiling could only be filled with helium. However, this isn’t the case. This video featuring a masterclass is a clear proof of this:

In this video, you’ll discover a way to decorate your space with balloons suspended from the ceiling, without the use of helium. If this method isn’t for you you can go with the “easier” method is to use double-sided tape!

The balloon shapes are the most fascinating part of airbrushing. You can create virtually any shape out of balloons.

The most well-known collection of figures you can create using yourself:

  • Flowers
  • Animals
  • Cars

Below is a short video tutorial on how to make flower “daisies” from balloons. It’s easy and entertaining.

It’s essential to know

In decorating your room with balloons, it’s essential to be aware that there aren’t any rules. You are free to use your creativity and imagination as it’s so exciting! Balloons look great with confetti, ribbons that are colored with hand-drawn designs and many other holiday-themed items.